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    Oats Onion Paratha :-
    Sunday's are incomplete without Parathas...piping hot, stuffed parathas served with mint curd or raita..! Need we say more 😍

    Good for weightloss
    Good for diabetic
    Good for pcos & many more diseases😇😇

    Note- Moderation is the key. Yummy food items needs mind management.


    “Moong Dal Chila is a healthier alternative though. It is lighter and more nutritious in comparison to Besan ka Chila. You can make a thin crepe with moong dal, thinly sliced onions, and half a teaspoon of oil on a non-stick. Eat it hot off the griddle, else it well get soggy. Serve with fresh pudina chutney


    paneer besan Chillla is a healthy option for weight loss To enhance the taste further we have added paneer which makes this breakfast recipe a lip-smacking delight. You can experiment with the recipe by adding nutritious vegetables to it.

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